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Heating Maintenance - Pro Comfort Control

As temperatures drop towards freezing, Pro Comfort Control is on standby to keep homes and offices safe and warm, through professional heating services in Framingham, MA, and surrounding areas. We’re your local plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service pros – so call us today for a free quote!

For inside information on how to stay snug all winter, check out our Furnace Services page.

Benefits of expert home heating, installation & maintenance services

From October through April each year, family health and comfort depend on fast and efficient home heating services in Framingham, MA. That’s because overburdened systems tend to burn out at the worst possible time – right in the middle of a cold snap!

This is why complex HVAC systems need regular tune-ups every spring and fall. In less than a couple of hours, our trained technicians make sure that all these delicate components are working properly. By replacing filters, tightening connections, unclogging pipes and cleaning away debris, they ensure family comfort and health with clean indoor air for months to come. Better still, professional heating services quickly pay for themselves through lower utility bills.

Heating Maintenance - Pro Comfort Control

Deciding between heating repair or replacement in Framingham, MA

If your heating equipment was installed more than a decade ago, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. Most HVAC systems are designed to last fifteen years, so planning ahead for replacement ensures that your family never gets stuck in a freezing home with no heating.

Here are some indicators that investing in a new heating system is a smarter move than paying for a steady stream of heating repairs:

Savings through licensed home heating services

Out of the four main fuels – natural gas, electricity oil, and propane – used to heat homes in the USA, natural gas is the most common. It’s also the cheapest to run, at less than half the price of oil. Around half of all homes are heated by gas-fired furnaces, with huge natural reserves ensuring low-cost supplies for decades to come. However, installation costs for gas-fueled heating services can be expensive, as carbon monoxide monitors and a proper ventilation system are needed for safety purposes.

Electricity is the next cheapest fuel, even in the chilly Northeast. Easy to install and maintain through professional home heating services in Framingham, MA, monthly bills tend to rise as temperatures drop. More expensive propane has been steadily dropping in popularity, although still cheaper than oil. Today, a shrinking percentage of homeowners are still heating their homes with oil, as prices have more than doubled over the past few decades.

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