Oil Furnace & Boiler Repairs

Oil Furnace & Boiler Repairs

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#1 Oil Furnace and Boiler Repairs in Framingham, MA

Pro Comfort Control has over 60 five-star Google reviews and counting, so trust us for oil furnace and boiler repairs in Framingham and surrounding areas!

Framingham, MA, residents opt for more energy-efficient oil furnaces instead of natural gas furnaces that use more fuel while producing less heat. Unlike most heating units, oil systems perform at up to 95% efficiency as they burn about 300 degrees hotter, according to the Department of Ecology. However, if the way your system runs indicates otherwise, it’s time for an oil furnace repair.

At Pro Comfort Control, our licensed and certified team has an A+ BBB rating and a 2022 Super Service Award from Angi, proving that we treat every job as our top priority. With over 20 years of experience, we offer the expertise you can trust for all your heating and cooling needs. 

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When Do You Need an Oil Furnace Service?

An oil unit lasts 20 years on average, but you can extend its lifespan with annual oil furnace maintenance and regular care. Between your DIY maintenance, including cleaning the floor vents and changing the air and oil filters, and our intricate professional checklist, your system will require very few repairs. Still, repairs are inevitable at some point, especially as your unit ages and you notice the following: 

  • Unusual noises: Noises occur when one or more of the numerous furnace components struggle to function. For instance, you’ll hear anything from knocking caused by trapped air bubbles in the lines and rumbling from a faulty pilot light to screeching and whistling from a slipped fan belt and dirty air filters, respectively. 
  • Displeasing smells: You’ll need an oil furnace service if you detect fuel fumes. A blocked air filter, heat exchanger, chimney, or nozzle may be the culprit. Otherwise, a recent oil tank refill or tank leak is releasing oil. 
  • Short cycling: Your unit should run until it heats your entire home, but if it starts and stops prematurely, it’ll cause hot and cold spots around your home and higher energy bills. If resetting it doesn’t help, check the air filters and fuel level before calling us.
  • Poor airflow: If little to no warm air comes from your unit, try resetting your furnace and checking the thermostat settings. If intact, a professional can check the supply fan and fan belt during an oil furnace repair alongside the gas valve and pilot light to ensure that the system receives fuel and heat. 
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Why Repair Oil Furnaces

When we repair oil furnaces and provide oil boiler servicing, we strive for higher efficiency. With struggling components like blocked filters limiting airflow or faulty blowers not circulating air, furnaces work harder to produce temperatures that reflect your thermostat setting. That means running longer to create the same quality air as before, which lowers the unit’s efficiency while raising utility bills. 

An oil burner repair and other fixes alleviate these concerns while also providing the following benefits:

Environmental friendliness

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Burning less fuel and energy during each cycle means fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Private fuel source

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Unlike electric furnaces that depend on your local energy grid, oil furnaces allow fuel storage in a tank near the unit. You’re in charge of when and where you get your fuel.


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Carbon monoxide isn’t a concern with oil furnaces, but an oil leak could cause health issues like dizziness, nausea, and skin irritations, so consider “oil furnace servicing near me.

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Oil Furnace Repair Near Me!

An “oil furnace repair near me” means relying on your neighborhood five-star company for furnace and oil boiler servicing in Framingham, MA, and surrounding areas. For top brands, upfront pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction, call Pro Comfort Control at 508-684-5362 today!

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