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It is crucial to consider strategies that ensure the year-round comfort of your home. If your boiler or heat pump has surpassed the 10-year mark, now presents an opportune moment to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency model and capitalize on the rebates offered by Mass Save®. At Pro Comfort Control, we strive to maximize your energy savings while keeping you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside, whether it be during the cold winter months or the scorching summer season. The current heat pump rebates are unprecedented, granting you the potential to receive up to $10,000. The incentives for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels are undeniably significant. To take advantage of the substantial $10,000 rebate, it is imperative to engage the services of a reputable heat pump installer in Framingham, MA, such as Pro Comfort Control. We will meticulously assess your residence and present you with multiple heat pump alternatives, tailored to your specific requirements.

An outdated or inefficient heating system can waste a lot of energy and money. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency boiler or heat pump can help you save up to 30% on your annual heating costs. Plus, with Mass Save’s® boiler, water heater, furnace and heat pump rebates, you can get up to $10,000 back when you install a new system. That’s a significant return on investment that will pay for itself in no time.

Mass Save® is an energy efficiency program sponsored by gas and electric utilities in Massachusetts. The program offers a variety of rebates on energy-efficient products and services, including boilers and heat pumps. They also offer no-cost home energy assessments to help customers identify ways to save energy and money.
In order to take advantage of Mass Save® rebates, customers must have a no-cost home energy assessment through the program. The assessment includes a whole-home review to identify energy-saving opportunities, as well as the installation of certain energy-saving products. Customers can then choose which rebates they’d like to take advantage of. For example, there are currently rebates available for qualifying high-efficiency boilers and heat pumps.
Qualifying boilers and heat pumps must meet certain efficiency requirements in order to be eligible for the Mass Save® Rebate Program. For example, high efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers could earn you a rebate of $2000 and a heat pump water heater could earn you a $750 Mass Save Rebate. Air-source heat pumps could also provide significant savings with rebates of either $1250 per ton or up-to $10,000 for your home in Framingham, MA and surrounding towns. We are Mass Save certified heat pump installers specializing in design and installation out of Framingham, MA and serve all surrounding areas.

The team at Pro Comfort Control is proud to be a Mass Save participating contractor and part of the heat pump installer network. We can help customers schedule a no-cost home energy assessment and take advantage of available rebates on qualifying purchases. We also install and service a wide variety of furnaces, boilers and heat pumps, so we can help you find the perfect system for your home. And because we’re a Mass Save participating contractor, we can help you take advantage of available rebates. Contact us today to learn more!

In addition to rebates from Mass Save®, our Pro Comfort Control can help you save even more money on your energy bills. By automatically adjusting the temperature in your home based on outdoor conditions and the occupancy of each room, Pro Comfort Control ensures that you’re only using the amount of energy you need to keep your home comfortable. That means no more wasted energy and no more paying for heat you don’t need. Plus, our advanced sensors can detect when there’s a sudden drop in temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about coming home to a cold house again.

Not sure if your boiler, furnace or heat pump qualifies? Don’t worry – our team of HVAC professionals can help you find a system that meets the criteria for the Mass Save® Rebate Program. We can also help with the installation process so that you can start saving money on your energy bills as soon as possible.

Rebates and tax credits subject to change. This is for informational purposes only and not a guarantee.

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