Preparing for Emergency Plumbing Situations: Three Tips

Preparing for Emergency Plumbing Situations: Three Tips

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Most homeowners know that no matter how well they take care of their homes, at some point, it’s likely they’ll experience a plumbing emergency. Your home’s plumbing system contains a myriad of pipes that run behind your walls and ceilings, making it difficult to prevent every potential leak. So how do you prepare for emergency plumbing situations? 

At Pro Comfort Control, we understand that a plumbing emergency is stressful. We pride ourselves on being Framingham’s emergency plumber, providing assistance anytime you need it. We aim to solve your plumbing problems quickly and effectively whenever they arise, no matter what time of the day or night.

Below, we put together a list of tips to help prepare yourself and minimize damage in emergency plumbing situations. If you have a plumbing emergency, call our experts at 508-684-5362.

1. Locate Your Water Turnoff

To help reduce damage from a leak, you need to turn off your water. In some cases, you can turn off the valve closest to the leak. Toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and other appliances typically have shutoff valves or regulators that may be switched off to stem the flow of water.

Knowing the location of the different shutoff valves ahead of time helps when you’re dealing with a leak later on, so be aware of where and how to turn off the various water sources. 

If you’re dealing with a broken pipe, your best course of action is to turn off the main water valve to your home. Typically located near your water meter, turning off the main water valve won’t solve the plumbing problem, but it helps prevent flooding from dirty water and further water damage while you wait for emergency plumbers.

If you don’t know the location of the individual water shutoff valves or the main shutoff valve, ask your plumber to show you. It also helps that everyone living in your home knows where the main water shutoff is and how to turn it off, so you’re ready for a leak at any time. 

2. Know Your Water Heater

If your plumbing emergency affects the hot water lines in your home, you should turn off your water heater. However, before you turn off your water heater, you must turn off the water supply to the entire house.

Leaving the water supply on while turning off the water heater increases the chances of your water heater overheating or exploding. Continuing to heat a leaking or empty tank may cause damage to the water heater as well.  

To help avoid emergency plumbing situations centered around your water heater, be aware of its age. Most gas water heaters last around ten to 12 years, while electric ones have a lifespan of approximately 12 to 15 years. Keeping your water heater maintained and knowing when it’s close to needing replacement may prevent you from dealing with a plumbing leak down the road.  

3. Take Preventative Measures

They say that the best offense is a good defense, which is why taking preventative measures may help you avoid the cost and stress caused by major plumbing emergencies. Leak detectors come in various types, from a simple device that triggers an alarm when there’s a leak to smart systems connected to your water shutoff. If you’re concerned about leaks, invest in a leak detector.   

When cleaning and dealing with everyday plumbing woes (like clogged toilets or garbage disposals), be mindful of the chemicals you use. Harsh chemicals may damage your pipes if used regularly, so while it’s OK to use a more potent chemical occasionally, stick to eco-friendly methods to protect your pipes. 

Most importantly, keep your plumbing properly maintained. Don’t overload the system by flushing items not meant for flushing, and keep your drains as clean and free from clogs as possible. Schedule regular maintenance inspections at least once a year with a reputable plumber to further ensure your plumbing remains in good working order.    

Pro Comfort Control | Framingham’s Choice for Plumbing Emergencies

No one wants to deal with emergency plumbing situations, so make sure you’re ready for anything by calling our experts at Pro Comfort Control. We’re committed to our customers’ satisfaction, and we bring our top-quality craftsmanship to every job. With over 20 years of experience in plumbing and HVAC services, you know our trained technicians have you covered.

At Pro Comfort Control, our goal is to ensure your home and family stay safe and healthy. Our dedication to continued training and education means that we offer innovative solutions to any plumbing emergency. Call us today at 508-684-5362 to schedule an appointment and experience Framingham’s best plumbers. 

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