To keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you need a quality furnace. When the furnace is in good working condition, it will produce heat and distribute that heat throughout the house. A faulty or broken furnace can cause any number of problems with heating and cooling in your home. This blog post lists signs that might indicate furnace replacement in Framingham, MA.

1. Furnace not turning on at all

For example, you might notice that the furnace is completely unresponsive when you try to turn it on. This could be a sign of electrical problems with the unit, such as an open wire or faulty thermocouple (a device that senses heat and turns off). You should contact your local technician immediately and request furnace repair services in Framingham, MA.

2. The furnace is producing cool air instead of heat

If your furnace seems to be consistently outputting cold air, this could also mean that the unit has a problem with one or more parts. For example, if you notice that all rooms in your home (except for ones closest to the heating and cooling vents) are always kept very chilly, it might indicate an issue with either defective valves within the system or malfunctioning blower motors.

In most cases, the furnace is supposed to output heat at room-temperature levels or warmer – not cold air! If you feel that there’s something wrong with how warm your home feels when the heater is on, contact a professional who is experienced in boiler repair in Framingham, MA as soon as possible so they can diagnose any issues further. They may even need to come out for service if the problem looks like it’s only going to get worse over time (for example: if some rooms in your house are kept cooler than others).

3. Excessively loud noise coming from the unit during operation

Another sign that your furnace might be struggling is if you notice an increase in how much noise it makes when it is turned on. This could indicate any number of problems, including loose parts within the system or a broken fan belt. You should contact a heating and cooling technician as soon as possible to inspect this issue further – especially if you are hearing excessively loud noises consistently throughout the day! While some level of sound will always emit through the vents, these issues can cause discomfort for anyone who’s trying to enjoy their home without listening to loud blowers and motors running around them.

If you have noticed these signs and think it may be time for a new furnace, contact a local heating and cooling company to schedule an estimate.  If you need hot water boiler repair in Framingham, MA, don’t hesitate to call Pro Comfort Control at 508-955-4776. Our team of experts can diagnose the problem and provide a solution quickly. We also offer other services like plumbing repairs or heating system maintenance for your home comfort needs.