Tips to Avoid Emergency Heating Repair

Tips to Avoid Emergency Heating Repair

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Having a good understanding of the heating system that you have installed in your home can be very helpful. Of course, no one expects their heater to break down during the coldest day of the year – but being prepared will help you avoid an emergency heating repair in Framingham, MA.

When your furnace is not working, several things should happen before calling for heater repair.

1. Make sure that the electrical switches are turned on. Check all of your lights, including the stove or dryer, to make sure they are not somehow interfering with the system. The furnace needs electricity to work properly so be certain it is turned on before you call for heater repair.

2. Is there a fan setting on the furnace? Some furnaces have a “fan” setting to circulate air inside even when they are not heating. If your heater does have this function, check to be sure it is set for “Auto”.

3. Could there be something wrong with the thermostat? Change the batteries and check for any obstructions or breakage. If the heat is not coming on, it may be due to your thermostat.

4. Do you hear any clicking noises? The circuit board could have tripped so reset it by turning off power and removing the wire from the breaker or fuse box for a few minutes before turning back on. A sticking motor can also cause the system to shut down.

5. If you already have, turn off the heater and call for emergency repair before trying anything else.

6. When calling for heater repair, have the following information available:

  • Your furnace’s brand name and model number
  • The exact day of installation
  • A list of all product warranties associated with your system, if applicable
  • Any special considerations (such as pets, smoking, or young children) for your home

Knowing how your heating system works and what to do before turning on the repair services can save valuable time and money. For more information on maintaining and repairing your furnace, contact Pro Comfort Control at 508-955-4776. We share upfront furnace replacement costs for your Framingham, MA home and provide our customers with high-quality service and repairs for their existing furnaces.

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