Why You Need to Care About Indoor Air Quality

Why You Need to Care About Indoor Air Quality

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It is important to take care of your office’s indoor air quality because it can affect you, your employees, and your customers. These are reasons why you need to care about the office or residence indoor air quality in Framingham, MA.

1.  Employee productivity will increase when they’re not breathing in bad air- 

The average office worker takes 20,000 breaths per day.  If the air quality is bad, employees won’t be able to work as efficiently and their productivity will suffer. Employers need to prioritize indoor air quality services in Framingham, MA so that employees can do their best work in a safe environment leading to more profits.

2. Indoor pollutants like mold, viruses, fungi spores, and bacteria can be reduced with improved IAQ- 

Inhaling air pollutants can lead to asthma attacks. People who have allergies and those with respiratory illnesses are more susceptible to the effects of bad indoor air quality- this includes employees, customers, and visitors. If you make it a priority for your business to ensure clean indoor air quality, everyone will be able to breathe easier at work! 

If people are not feeling sick from breathing in contaminants- they will spend less time out of work recovering. This benefits businesses by reducing medical costs as well as absenteeism due to air-related illness. Ensure to plan furnace repair services in Framingham, MA along with monitoring IAQ in your office. 

3. Your HVAC system will last longer- 

Indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air. Indoor pollutants can include pet dander, dust mites, and pollens- these are all allergens that your HVAC or boiler works hard to filter out of the building’s atmosphere; however, poor ventilation will make it work even harder trying to keep up with airborne contaminants making their way through the equipment. 

4. You’ll decrease energy costs- 

Indoor air quality can also lead to increased energy costs. Poor ventilation and the HVAC systems trying to compensate for bad indoor air will increase your electricity bills and constant boiler repair in Framingham, MA! A clean environment with good airflow is essential when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases that are produced by equipment like furnaces, heaters, or other appliances used inside of commercial space. This means better use of resources which leads to big savings over time. Businesses everywhere need to make IAQ their top priority because they’ll save money while simultaneously improving both employee productivity and health outcomes across all age groups! 

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