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Feel at home again with fantastic indoor air quality and reliable temperature control with premium heating and air conditioning services in Waltham, MA, and surrounding areas. Trust Pro Comfort Control to provide you with the best HVAC services when you need them the most. Our highly skilled and experienced crew can take on any heating or cooling challenge your system may throw at us.

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Affordable Heating Repair in Waltham, MA

As a homeowner, it’s never a great idea to delay attending to the needs of your heating system. The professionals at Pro Comfort Control recommend that you act immediately the moment you notice your system acting up. Get in touch with a reliable HVAC company sooner, rather than later, and save yourself and your loved ones from many unwanted complications and additional expenses.

Whether you require a replacement, repair, or a new furnace installation you should be aware of some of the signs to ease yourself into a decision. Be on the lookout for indications such as strange fuel-like odors, low air quality, or difficulty in switching your furnace on. It is important to work with a reputable HVAC company who will help you schedule regular inspections for your heater, allowing for an early detection of potential gas leaks or mechanical/electrical faults.

Don’t attempt to fix a heater that’s not working on your own. The outcome can be quite dangerous for you and your family, not to mention it can easily turn into a costlier problem. Let the experts at Pro Comfort Control help you decipher what boiler, heating or air conditioning services in Waltham, MA you may need and let our team attend to them in the most professional way possible.

At Pro Comfort Control, we offer a wide range of heater and boiler services and we bring them all right on your doorstep with the honesty and respect your household deserves. We are the HVAC specialists to hire as we have been in this trade for several years. Interested to know more? Read our story.

Top-notch Air Conditioning Service in Waltham, MA

We know that finding a trustworthy air conditioning company can be very stressful and challenging. However, at Pro Comfort Control, we won’t let you down. We prioritize all our clients’ needs ensuring they are always pleased after each and every service rendered. Our crew is highly experienced and competent and we all specialise in A/C repair, AC maintenance, and AC replacements, and much more. Contact Pro Comfort Control for the most efficient and reliable AC service Waltham, MA, and beyond.

Are you in search of the best AC replacement companies in town? Pro Comfort Control is the service provider to hire. If you have a poorly functioning air conditioner, an unexplained rise in your power bill, or any other unusual signals given off by your AC, let our team help you get to the root of the matter. We will identify the problem and resolve it for you by doing an AC repair or maintenance. If not, our friendly staff will gladly assist you by advising on a customized AC replacement or new A/C installation in Waltham that’s suitable for your home, letting you choose from the latest air conditioners and cooling technology.

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