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Garbage Disposal InstallationPlease read our latest customer testimonials on what our clients have to say about our reliable plumbing services.

Exceptional residential plumbing services in Walpole, MA

The plumbers at Pro Comfort Control recommend that to ensure a well-functioning water system in your home throughout the year, you must invest in professional plumbing services to help you maintain a smooth operating system. You can arrange an appointment with us to have a plumbing inspection done, drain cleaning, sinks and faucet installation, and much more. At Pro Comfort Control, we have all the right equipment and decades of experience behind us to complete the job. Once you give us a ring, we will head out to your property in Walpole, MA, and resolve all your plumbing needs.

Convenient water heater installation in Walpole, MA

If you require a new heater installation, the plumbers at Pro Comfort Control are on the job. All our installations are correct and problem-free. Our plumbers have loads of exposure regarding water heater installation; therefore, no matter the make or model, they can get the job done. You can also rely on us to bring hot water to your faucets as we specialize in water heater installations as well. Call us today, and our helpful staff will guide you through the most convenient and inexpensive plumbing services for your household.

Look after Walpole's Water Reserves

The Pro Comfort Control plumbers recommend that if you are looking to become more environmentally friendly, then investing in our rebate services is one way to do so. Besides being water-wise and saving Walpole’s water supply, you can also save money on lower water bills.

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