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Focused firmly on the well-being of people in their homes and jobs, Pro Comfort Control is a family-owned and operated company servicing families and businesses since 2017.

When rooms never get cool or cozy enough at any time of year – despite rising utility bills and blowers that are always running – professional help is needed. It’s time to call in your local plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service pro!

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Clean ducts for better health

Professional HVAC services should always include a quick duct inspection. Contaminating airflows and wafting unpleasant particles through every room, these dank nooks are where health hazards build up unseen, like:

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Cleaning products, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); ● allergens: dust, dander, pollen, soot and smoke;

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Dust, dander, pollen, soot and smoke

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Spores, bacteria, germs, and viruses

Lowering indoor air quality, these polluted airstreams endanger vulnerable family members, particularly babies and grandparents. This is why frequent air Air Conditioning is recommended – particularly in today’s hygiene-conscious world! This is a crucial step for ensuring year-round health through pure indoor air.

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Staying safe throughout the year

Particularly in winter, good furnace ventilation is vital, as burning fossil fuels generate toxic gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Handled by a licensed contractor, half-yearly maintenance calls ensure ventilation systems are clear, while also making sure that smoke and gas alarms are working properly. 

Regular tune-ups are the best way to extend the working life of any HVAC equipment, together with minor repairs. Everyday wear and tear – like a frayed belt or loose electrical connections – is fast and easy to fix. However, neglected noises and smells can lead to expensive damage from broken fan blades, leaking refrigerant and poorly calibrated pressures.

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