How Long Does It Take for a New Water Heater to Heat Up

How Long Does It Take for a New Water Heater to Heat Up

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No hot water heater lasts forever, and eventually, you will need to replace your existing unit. Waiting for it to create enough hot water the first time can halt your plans for the day. 

How long does it take for a new water heater to heat up the first time? The answer varies depending on several factors, including the type of water heater you have. This post discusses various types of water heaters and factors that contribute to how long it takes for them to heat up.

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Gas-Powered Hot Water Heater

A traditional, 40-gallon hot water heater powered by propane can take at least 30 minutes to create a full tank of hot water when it’s powered on for the first time. If your hot water heater has a larger tank, it will take longer to heat a larger volume of water.

Electric Water Heater

If you have experience with both gas and electric appliances, you know that electricity is not as efficient as gas. It takes at least an hour for an electric water heater to fully heat a tank of water. Because of the extended time it takes, electric water heaters are a good choice for smaller homes that do not need a lot of hot water throughout the day.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are the most efficient option available. They use flash heat to create hot water on demand, meaning you can consume hot water immediately upon installation. Tankless hot water heaters use either gas or electric power and like conventional units, electric water heaters take slightly longer to create hot water than propane units.

Other Factors Determining How Long It Takes Your Unit to Provide Hot Water

The type of water heater you install isn’t the only factor in how much heat-up time your unit needs to provide your home with enough hot water.

First-Hour Rating

The first-hour rating is something you may not even know to consider when shopping for a hot water heater. It indicates how much hot water a unit can create during the first hour it’s turned on. It’s a good measure of how well the water heater performs during times of increased usage. 

BTU Rating

When you wonder, “How long does it take for a new water heater to heat up?” the BTU rating plays a significant part in the answer.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it measures how fast a water heater creates hot water the first time you use it, as well as how long it takes to recover if you use all the hot water. The higher the BTU rating, the more efficient the unit is at heating water.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Size Water Heater for Your Home

Choosing a water heater that matches the demands of your home is one of the most important factors to consider. While smaller units take less time overall to heat up, they also deplete more quickly. If you need multiple tanks of hot water within a short time span, like when multiple people need to shower in the morning, you could end up in the cold if your water heater is too small.

Expert Water Heater Service in Framingham

Several factors contribute to the time it takes for your new water heater to provide your home with a full tank of hot water. A gas water heater is more efficient than an electric unit, and larger water heaters take more time to heat up than small ones.

When choosing your new water heater, the first question you ask is probably, “How long does it take for a new water heater to heat up?” We can answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect unit for your home and your daily hot water demands.

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