Is your Framingham home feeling a little drafty? You may need a heating replacement in Framingham, MA. The team at Pro Comfort Control can help! We have been servicing Framingham, MA homes for several years and have the experience, training, and knowledge to get your home warm quickly.

We offer both heating replacements and full-service tune-ups for all makes and models of gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces. Our comprehensive tune-ups include cleaning the furnace, checking all of the connected lines, adjusting gas levels, checking fan speeds, and making any other repairs that are needed to get your furnace running smoothly.

Signs that you need a heating replacement in Framingham, MA

If you want to avoid spending money on a new heating system for your home, look for these signs that you need a heating replacement in Framingham, MA:

·  Your furnace often blows out cold air. This could indicate a dirty filter, clogs in the ventilation system, or poor airflow through the vents.

·  Your furnace frequently turns off. This could mean that your gas levels are too high or that your thermostat is broken.

· Your furnace runs constantly even when the house feels warm. This could mean that you have a dirty filter, clogs in the ventilation system, poor airflow through the vents, worn-out fan blades, or low gas levels.

· Your home never seems to be as warm as you want. This could mean that your home is too big for your furnace or that it is not getting enough ventilation to distribute the heat properly.

· Your utility bill skyrockets when the temperature drops. Even if your furnace is in good condition, you could need a heating replacement if the air coming out of your vents seems cold.

When is it time for a new heating system?

Replacing all of the old components in your home’s heating system can be very expensive. If your furnace is fairly new and still under warranty, we recommend waiting until the warranty has expired before having a heating replacement. Otherwise, you will have to foot the bill for all of the new components required in your heating system.

If your furnace is over ten years old, it may make sense to replace it rather than repairing it. If you are interested in pursuing a heating replacement in Framingham, MA, please contact Pro Comfort Control at 508-955-4776.