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Increase thermal comfort and improve your indoor air quality with professional heating and AC services in Natick. Trust the team at Pro Comfort Control for the best heating and AC service Natick, MA can deliver. Our expert service technicians are trained in providing services to both commercial and residential properties meeting all your needs at one stop.

Air Conditioning Services

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Affordable Furnace Repair & Installation in Natick, MA

Don’t let a malfunctioning furnace burn a hole in your pocket. Our experts recommend that you repair faulty heaters and furnaces as soon as you detect an issue to avoid further damage and disasters from occurring.

Signs that you may be in need of furnace repair services or a new furnace installation include poor air quality, a furnace that refuses to switch on, loud noises or strange smells. It is vital that you look out for gas leaks, electrical faults and any other signs of trouble by performing regular inspections on your heaters and furnaces.

Furnaces have complicated internal mechanics and any furnace tune-ups should be left to the professionals. Making attempts to conduct repairs on your own can lead to dangerous and expensive outcomes. Our experienced technicians offer the best furnace repair services and heating services Natick, MA has in town.

At Pro Comfort Control we are the reputable providers of the best furnace maintenance services in and around Natick, MA for many years. Read our story to learn more about us.

Boiler Repairs & Installations

Heat Pump Installer Natick, MA

Heat pump installations  are becoming increasingly popular in Natick, MA. They offer Natick, MA homeowners the highest efficiencies for heating and cooling your home that are in the market today. Pro Comfort Control specialized in heat pump installations and regularly installs them for homeowners in Natick, and surrounding towns. With 0% financing options and up to $10,000 in rebates, heat pumps are quickly becoming the popular choice for Natick residents looking to replace their heating systems with something more efficient.

Our experienced technicians offer the best heat pump installation and heating services Natick, MA has in town

Boiler Repairs & Installations

We also provide some of the best boiler repairs and installations you’ll find in the local region. Most people assume they don’t need a brand new boiler since their current system isn’t showing significant signs of wear and tear. For better or worse, whether that’s true depends on your unique circumstances. Chances are if you haven’t had your boiler serviced in Natick, MA for several years in a row, it’s possible that you’re overspending on your energy bills. Here at Pro Comfort Control we provide some of the most energy-efficient appliances on the market. When these are installed by reliable, honest plumbing professionals, they’re guaranteed to save you money month in and out. If you’re looking for a reliable company to handle your boiler repairs and installations in Natick, MA, and beyond you’ve come to the right place.

Air Conditioning & Heating Services

With so many AC service providers in Natick, MA, we understand that deciding who to trust is a difficult decision to make. At Pro Comfort Control we take care of everything from AC maintenance to AC repair and AC installation making us your number one service provider for all your air conditioning needs. Call Pro Comfort Control for the best AC services Natick, MA has to offer today.

Our experts will assess your air conditioning systems to determine the exact cause and the extent of the damage. It may be that we can solve your issues with a routine AC maintenance or AC repair. If it is more cost effective to get a new AC then our friendly staff will offer you the best prices on the latest models of air conditioners and cooling systems on the market.

Our team at Pro Comfort Control will take care of everything from booking your appointment to conducting a site assessment of your air conditioning equipment and carrying out the required services including clean up after we’re done.

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