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Is your home feeling stuffy and uncomfortable? Are your costs fluctuating in the colder months from having to open windows to create ventilation? If so, it may be time to consider a heat-recovery ventilator in Framingham, MA and surrounding areas (HRV). Though HRVs are quite effective in the summer months, its popularity as a system shines in colder climates during the winter.

Why Get a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Framingham?

Modern construction has helped build more tightly sealed homes than ever before. But this has some drawbacks. Today’s homes now generate both moisture and pollutants. The moisture mainly is a byproduct from cooking, washing, showers and breathing. When excessive levels are reached, moisture condenses on windows and can cause structural decay. Areas with excessive moisture are also prone to mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, and dust mites. If you find moisture collecting on your windows, or black spots on walls, then you have ventilation problems. If you have allergies, mold spores and dust can easily become airborne and circulate freely throughout the house, possibly exacerbating your symptoms and overall health.

Hold The Heat With a Heat Recovery Ventilation System

What makes a heat recovery ventilator in Framingham, MA truly unique is the heat-exchange core. The core will transfer heat from the outgoing stream to the incoming stream, much like a radiator in an automobile will transfer heat from the engine’s coolant to the outside air. As the airstreams move through, heat is moved from the warm side to the cold.

Depending on the model of your choice, HRVs can recover up to 85 percent of heat! These ventilators are a lot easier on your budget than opening a few windows. And, an HRV has filters to keep out particulates such as pollen or dust from ever entering into your home.

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