dirty water coming out of bathtub faucet

When you see dirty water coming out of your bathtub faucet, you might feel a combination of panic and puzzlement. Is a boil advisory in effect? Has something dangerous contaminated your plumbing system?

If you need an emergency plumber in Framingham, MA, you can rely on Pro Comfort Control’s 24/7 services. However, dirty, discolored water gushing out of faucets occurs more often than many homeowners think. Learn more about this phenomenon and why it may happen to you. 

#1 Water Main Leak

Located underground, the water main probably doesn’t cross many people’s minds. However, it performs an important function: it supplies clean water from city water lines to streets and individual properties.

Over time, the water main may sustain damage. Fluctuating temperatures and shifting ground movements cause wear and tear on the pipe’s materials. This damage may lead to fractures, cracks, and holes forming in the pipe.

Dirt infiltrates the water supply as a result. When you turn on your faucet, dirty water may gush through. A qualified plumber must make the proper repairs to solve the problem.   

#2 Altered Pressure in City Lines

Mineral deposits are common in all pipes. They settle into the bottom of a pipe before hardening.

Most homeowners rarely encounter these forgotten minerals. However, the city water authority will occasionally increase the water pressure. The increased pressure may disturb the mineral buildup, causing it to loosen and travel to homes and businesses. This temporary issue typically resolves itself within the day.  

#3 Faulty Filter System

If you have a water filtration system, you may want to purchase a new filter when you witness dirty water coming out of your bathtub faucet.

Most filtration systems contain activated charcoal, which traps mineral particles in the charcoal’s crevices. Over time, water filters stop working when they’ve absorbed all the particles they possibly can.

Charcoal filters can also become damaged and release tiny pieces of charcoal into the water. When this occurs, you might detect more flavor or lower water quality in your tap water than before. 

#4 Corroded Supply Lines

Houses constructed before 1960 often utilize supply lines made from steel. Plumbers installed those pipes with a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Throughout the decades, the coating wears off, leaving the steel exposed to the water.

Eventually, the pipes begin to rust. Water can dislodge the rust and carry it straight through your faucet. If you notice a problem like this, seek advice from a professional plumber on replacing the supply lines. 

#5 Buildup in the Water Heater

If only your hot water appears suspect, your hot water heater might have a problem. Water heaters change the water temperature to suit your bathing needs. The temperature fluctuations can cause minerals commonly found in tap water to sink and collect on the bottom of the heater.

Eventually, the mineral buildup has nowhere else to go. Thus, it flows into your bathtub when you prepare a relaxing bath.

Call a plumbing specialist to flush out your water heater. This service will eliminate the buildup. 

#6 Rusty Water Heater

Sometimes, you need to replace your water heater. Most water heaters can last up to 20 years. Once your heater hits the 15-year mark, you may need to shop for a new one.

As a water heater ages, its contents corrode the tank materials. Rust develops on the inside, which eventually makes its way into your kitchen and bathroom. If rusty water only appears when you use hot water, consider replacing your old water heater. 

#7 Damaged Rubber Parts

Some plumbing systems consist of rubber parts that seal off different components. Eventually, the rubber pieces start degrading. This results in your faucets emitting a strange, slimy goo occasionally.

An experienced plumber can inspect your system and figure out the location of the damaged part. They’ll replace the old piece of rubber with a fresh, new one. Your faucets will no longer dispense that strange ichor. 

Is Dirty Water Coming Out of Your Bathtub Faucet? Call Pro Comfort Control!

Often, dirty water coming out of your bathtub faucet will resolve on its own after a few hours. If the issue persists, however, bring your plumbing emergency to our team at Pro Comfort Control. We’ll easily diagnose the problem and introduce a solution that makes your tap water crystal clear again.

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